Menu items include fresh yogurt, home made bread, and pickles.  Gluten free and dairy free options are available upon request.


Maki di Roti Saag 13.50
Corn flour chapati served with spinach and greens blended to a smooth seasoned paste


Channa Samosa 9.99
A plate of two samosay served with spicy chick peas, and pickled vegetables


Channa Tikki 9.99
A plate of two aloo tikki served with spicy chick peas, and pickled vegetables

Parotha 6.99
Your choice of potato, radish, paneer, onion, missa, or cauliflower filling. Comes with a side of fresh yogurt and pickle


Bhindi 11.99
Seasoned okra sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and spices

Baingan Bhurtha 11.75
Spicy eggplant dish cooked with peas, tomatoes, and onions


Kadhi and Rice 9.99
A mixture of slightly sour flavor consisting of gram flour and buttermilk mixed with veggie pakoray

Mulai Kofta

Mulai Kofta 11.99
Homemade vegetable balls served in a creamy butter sauce

Daal 9.99
Spicy urad lentil soup cooked and seasoned with fresh ground Indian spices


Thali 18.99
Choice of three entrees served with two rotis, pickles, rice, yogurt, and gulab jamun ( not including parotha or channa tikki/samosa)

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer 11.25
Homemade cheese cubes in a spicy spinach cream sauce

Matter Paneer

Matter Paneer 11.25
Homemade cheese cubes in a curry sauce consisting of peas

Rajmah 9.99
Spicy red kidney beans cooked and seasoned into a deliciou lentil soup

Aloo Gobi 11.99
Spicy cauliflower and potato casserole served with rotis


Channa Bhatoora 9.99
Spicy chick peas served with two fried flour breads