Our History

The Story about us

It all started in 2001, when Iqbal Dha, her husband Gurmit Dha, and her brother, Jasbir Rai opened up the bakery and snack shop in Kent. Initially, the shop had one display case full of freshly baked Indian sweets and a few appetizers and drinks. The food was fresh and the sweets were appetizing despite the lack of environment and décor here. Over the years, a loyal customer base has been built and parothas, samosays, and fresh jalebis with masala chai remain a favorite on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The original space has been completely redesigned to include three display cases of sweets and salted snacks. The menu has been expanded to more than twenty items which is a major growth over the years, but still well below the majority of Indian restaurants and the number of items they offer.

Iqbal Dha has been in the food business for over 17 years and prior to opening Punjab Sweets she catered to many area businesses and events with her sweets and food items. Her recipes have been fine tuned from family recipes handed down the generations as well as getting formal training from Indian chefs in India. Iqbal’s knowledge and love for cooking is the cornerstone for the restaurant and continues to bring in customers over the years.

Iqbal’s husband, Gurmit Dha, is actively involved with the restaurant and manages the purchasing of all products, fresh produce, and raw materials. Gurmit has maintained very close relationships with area grocers, farmers markets, dairies, and distributors in our efforts to provide the best value along with the best quality to our customers.

Iqbal’s daughter, Harpreet Gill, has been managing the overall operations of the restaurant and handles the marketing, the presentation of the dishes, and regular contact with our distributors and local grocery stores that carry our line of sweets and snacks. Harpreet Gill received her MBA from Seattle University and continues to build on the principles she learned in school as she applies them directly to her business. Her daughter, Jasneet Gill, has helped mom and grandma grow the business and many loyal customers appreciate the family atmosphere we have created. The warm greetings by the owners and casual conversation complements the homestyle and authentic food offered at Punjab Sweets.