Forks and Knives movie…the vegetarian movement too:

Have you watched the movie, FORKS OVER KNIVES? What are your thoughts on it?

Check out the trailer to the movie and its website for more info. This movie “examines if we rejected all animal based and processed foods and switched to a whole foods, plant based diet that many of the degenerative diseases could be prevented”.

Obviously, as an owner of a vegetarian restaurant and bakery, I wholeheartedly believe in the message and health benefits of switching to a plant based diet. We are not receiving the minerals and nutrients we need from our food in order to have optimum health.

America’s high fat diet, mixed with the heavy meat consumption has produced a huge surge in the number of degenerative diseases in this country. Our next generation needs to have a different way of eating and living in order to sustain any future, otherwise the many forms of cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases will overtake our country.