Indian food: yummy but healthy too?

For centuries now India has long been known for its spices that offer a unique flavor and taste to dishes, but did you know that many of these well known spices and ingredients offer great medicinal and health benefits as well? Turmeric is the yellowish powder that makes the curries and sauces the golden color. Besides the distinctive color it leaves, turmeric has been helpful in fighting bowel diseases, Crohn’s diseases, cancer, alzheimers, and also over heart and liver protection. Fresh yogurt is prepared daily at Punjab Sweets from just milk. Yogurt has been found to enhance the immune system, improve arthritis, and promote digestion. Below is a list of commonly used spices and their health benefits:

Black Pepper – Alleviated constipation, dry hemorrhoids, gas and loss of appetite.

Cardamom – Strengthens the heart and lungs. It relieves pain, gas, and sharpens the mind.

Clove – A natural pain reliever, clove oil is used to relieve tooth ache. It alleviates cough, cold, and sinus problems.

Coriander – Aids in digestion and acts as a natural diuretic

Cumin – Aids in digestion, improves the taste of food, relieves pain and cramps in the abdomen.

Ginger – Makes food lighter and easier to digest. It aids in cleansing the intestines and promotes healthy bowel movement.

Garlic – Alleviates gas, relieves joint pain, aids in digestion and is effective for sinus headaches. Relieves tooth ache and tingling in the ear. May be used for dry cough and congestion.