The fine art of making jalebi:

We just had a great review written by recently. Punjab Snacks is a brand of our restaurant and bakery which is Punjab Sweets. Punjab Sweets originally began 10 years ago in a small strip mall in Kent, WA and now has expanded to their online store. Here is a excerpt of the review below:

“At Punjab Sweets in Kent, Washington, a big red-lettered sign on the front of a strip mall location is understated compared to what you’ll find inside.

Punjab Sweets is owned and operated by the Dha family. The restaurant is modern and comfortable inside but the kitchen keeps it old country, including making its own paneercheese on-site.

The lunch and dinner menus feature a wide range of traditional dishes ranging from papadi chaat (wheat flatbread served with spices, yogurt, potatoes and chickpeas) and aloo tikki(fried herb-filled potato patty) tobhindi (spicy sauteed okra, onions and tomatoes) and baingain bhurtha (spicy eggplant with peas, tomatoes and and onions).

It’s with desserts, though, where Punjab Sweets stands out.

In the eatery’s glass cases, a panoply of sugared morsels gleam.

You’ll find numerous types of burfi, Indian fudge, in flavors including pistachio and rose petal. Some are adorned with edible sheets of glistening silver.

Round pastries like ladoo (sweet pea flour) and gulab jamun (flour and milk) are accented by nearby rectangular cuts of petha (candied white melon). The array is striking beautiful.

A platter of thin, rope-like and iridescent jalebi catches the eye.

Punjab Sweets is an extraordinary find.”

Hope to see you all soon to try some of our mouth watering sweets! If you are not local, then head to the shop section on this site and get our Indian treats shipped to you directly! Check out the video below…

Untitled from Secret Ingredient Co. on Vimeo.